News » Soundeo v2 release and unlimited votes for all members soon

06 May 2013

As some of our users know, we will soon release a Soundeo v2. You will see a new design, new features, and most importantly, a new voting system. Starting with v2 the votes will be unlimited. You can vote for any of the tracks on Soundeo. We believe this will greatly enhance the quality of Soundeo Top 300 daily tracks. Wait is quite a bit!


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  • Genya M. WHERE IS TO GET A FRESH AND OUTSTANDING QUALITY MUSIC? This question bothers a lot of people and let me tell you that I was one of them. Hi, my name...
  • Ivan.XXL.SDL Simply the best, you can listen without any type of lags and download fresh music of a lot of styles in MP3, WAV or AIFF format. The simplest and easiest way!
  • DJ Dets Do not hesitate! Go for it! Let me start from the whole beginning. I used to be a DJ and in recent I’ve decided to create a musical...
  • abtatw Interest for electronic music appeared at the beginning of the new millennium. At that time I had no Internet. I bought all music on CD`s and I listened all...
  • LOVdUE Soundeo just changed my life! In this site I can find all music I want and know other music, being a better DJ. Now I can say thta I can`t live without Soundeo!