18 Jul
Temporary interruption in Soundeo updates
Unfortunately we are experiencing temporary difficulties with the Soundeo updates. Soon everything will return to normal.
09 Jul
To celebrate the launch of Soundeo 2.0 one extra week added to all premium accounts!
One extra week added to all premium accounts! Enjoy and stay tuned!
03 Jul
Soundeo v2.0 Launched!
We have launched the Soundeo version 2.0! All user's passwords reset, so you have to use the password recovery function. Also some features not working properly, so don't worry, it will be fixed soon. And one more great news - all premium users will get one free extra week to their premium accounts. Stay tuned!
22 Jun
Do you want one extra week to your Soundeo Premium Account for free? It's Easy!
Before we launch a new version of Soundeo, we want to hold a contest! All you have to do — is to write a testimonial about Soundeo and send it using the form on contact page or email directly to Example of a good testimonial. Everyone who sends testimonial will receive one extra week to his Soundeo Premium Account for free. The competition is held only for Premium Members. Looking forward for your testimonials!
19 Jun
We know that you feel. Soundeo will be more stable soon.
Quite a long time we have disruptions in updating the Soundeo. We know how frustrating it is for you and how it upsets you. We had serious problems that miraculously managed to solve and soon we will keep stable updates. Also we finish the last changes in version 2.0 and will soon be able to upgrade current version of Soundeo to version 2.0. In connection with the launch of a new version of Soundeo and in relation to disruptions in Soundeo updates, with the launch of Soundeo 2.0 to each premium account will be added one week of free access with doubled number of downloads and votes. Stay tuned!
09 Jun
Release of Soundeo version 2 is postponed for a few days
We are forced to postpone the launch of Soundeo version 2. New version is almost ready, but needs a few improvements and strong testing. We are not able to produce low-quality or crude product, in this we are forced to delay the release for a few days. But this will happen very soon, stay tuned!