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29 Nov
Soundeo 3.0 on the way. Launch in Q1 2014.
We are working on Soundeo Version 3.0. More stable updates, improved Soundeo performance, more useful Soundeo functions, nice bonuses and more and more amazing music. The launch of Soundeo 3.0 is scheduled for the Q1 2014. Stay tuned!

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Electronic music connoisseur

Interest for electronic music appeared at the beginning of the new millennium. At that time I had no Internet. I bought all music on CD`s and I listened all music on CD player. Time went. Interest to music didn't vanish. I had a lot of questions, namely: “When I can download new, fresh music?” “Download from freakenergy or freshtrance?” It`s no variant for me. I want to listen to qualitative music in WAV format (FLAC).

At one day I began to download music from musical store – junodownload. Also I talk with guy who likes music too in skype. At one day we found one music portal, where I can download music after my requests. Administrations of trancedl didn't stand still and at one day appeared new portal of electronic music – clapbeat. Exclusive music re-downloaded at another free portal, guys were very angry and they decided something new. It was soundeo. Soundeo it`s simply the best electronic music website. You can read about it on site

Iulian Ocheana
Electronic music connoisseur

This site is the best I’ve discovered up to now after searching for such a long time. So I’m really happy and exited that I can find this amazing music selection with a great quality sound. I’m looking forward for more new songs releases and I will like to congratulate you all for this great site!!!

DJ Dets
The musical collectioner

Do not hesitate! Go for it!

Let me start from the whole beginning. I used to be a DJ and in recent I’ve decided to create a musical collection of those unique tracks that have been spinning on crazy parties,but as you understand that calls for certain amounts of efforts and money.I do respect the work of artists but the prices on beatport — is just a steal. The prices at SOUNDEO are more than affordable for average person.Just have a look and you will be pleasantly surprised with a variety of plans. And don’t forget you have a history of downloaded files which you can easily redownload without any extra fees and favorites for your convenience . The other great feature I can’t just leave without attention is equal price for MP3 and WAV. WAV is lossless audio format is definitely a future of pleasing the demanding tastes of audiophiles.And you have already access to more then 75000 tracks which are thoroughly selected by music lovers all around the globe. And the project is only less a year flourishing.

To sum it up SOUNDEO is created for Djs, music lovers, audiophiles and just the music collectioners. Its not just and average music website — it is a community of people who decide the and pick up unique tracks of the huge amount of one-day-tracks.You have or you will have access to truly eclectic musical archive...

Do not hesitate!Gor for it!

It is created for you!


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  • onio Hello, If u ask me, why change something that is working as it is? I like Soundeo from 1st days, easy to use, fast streams, easy to navigate, plenty...
  • Ivan.XXL.SDL Simply the best, you can listen without any type of lags and download fresh music of a lot of styles in mp3 or wav file format. The simplest and easiest way.
  • Dr. Kugelfisch When i was searching for some pretty unknown Minimal/Techno tracks for new DJ-Sets i stumbled over Soundeo. With the smallest Premium Account i discovered a huge Collection...
  • Mitchell M. We «amateur» DJ’s all got one big thing in common. One very big issue which we can’t deal with on our own. For this reason we need each other and all the other people...
  • DJ Pablog Plain and simple Soundeo provides quality music at excelent quality with easy and security. No need to worry about getting a virus or windows popping up on your...