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19 Apr
AIFF format is now available!
We are glad to announce that we have finally made available downloading of any track in three most popular formats: MP3, WAV and AIFF. In addition to the two already existing formats MP3 and WAV we have added a third new format AIFF. This format is a copy of the WAV format but supports covers and tags with track information. Most DJs and collectors will appreciate this format! To download the tracks in AIFF format, please go to My Account page and select AIFF format as your default lossless format. Enjoy!

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Bogdan Kh.
Electronic music lover, Collector

Not so long ago discovered Soundeo but has already managed to fall in love with this site!) It has everything we need! Everyone who signs up and becomes a premium user can download music in the most relevant electronic styles, in addition can be pumped to WAV! I understand those who appreciate quality! Unlike all the other sites Soundeo uses an interesting method of voting,thanks to which the site is updated and selected quality material.

Electronic music connoisseur, Collector

At the beginning of the year i was contemplating websites to start buying my breaks & mid-tempo music from & i was struggling to find sites that were comprehensive, had easy search functions without having to go through 20 stages to get to where i wanted to be & most of all offered the best value for money, lets be honest in this day & age this is a major factor for DJ’S who are not on promo lists & are struggling week to week to make ends meet, a DJ’s life is not an easy one. Happilly Soundeo came along & i couldn’t quite believe my eyes. The site has one of the easiest navigation systems i had seen (and it always worked, unlike some other sites i could mention) the range of music was as comprehensive as Beatport & the site offered MP3 & WAV File formats on the tracks uploaded on there. The best part of the site is the voting system, a unique way that makes the interaction on site quite exciting. Basically every day became exciting to see if your choices have made the top 300. The Site is fair with its uploads & tries its best to make the range of genres as wide as possible every day & that everyone manages to get their tracks as soon as possible as soon as they make the top 300. I would heartily recommend Soundeo to Dj’s, consumers alike as a safe & valuable source for their Music needs, its not just a professional asset it is also a fun one aswell. A great idea that i hope will develop over time & remian around for years to come.

Electronic music connoisseur

SOUNDEO just changed my life! In this site I can find all music I want and know other music, being a better DJ. Now I can say thta I can`t live without SOUNDEO!


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  • Bogdan Kh. Not so long ago discovered Soundeo but has already managed to fall in love with this site!) It has everything we need! Everyone who signs up and becomes...