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  1. How do I restore my account password? [#]

    To restore your account password click on the link and follow instructions.

  2. How do I change my account password? [#]

    To change your account password go to My Account page, enter your new password into the «Change Password» field twice and hit the «Change» button.

  3. Why is there a «Name» field on My Account page? [#]

    You can enter your name or your nickname in the «Name» field. It will be shown when you contact the support team, enter a chat or have other social interactions with Soundeo members.

  4. Can I register or buy several accounts? [#]

    The rules of Soundeo strictly prohibit registering or buying more than one account by the same person at the same time.

  5. Can I share my account with someone? [#]

    The rules of Soundeo strictly prohibit the use of the same account by a group of people.

  6. Why was my account blocked? [#]

    Most likely your account was blocked for violating the rules of use of Soundeo. If you believe that your account was blocked in error, please contact the support team.

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