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  1. Can I order or request a track that is not on the Soundeo list of tracks and releases? [#]

    No, you can only vote for and download the tracks that are available on Soundeo.

  2. Who works for Soundeo? [#]

    A team of innovative professionals consisting of DJs, programmers and designers work for Soundeo.

  3. How can I help Soundeo? [#]

    1. Do not violate the rules of use of Soundeo.
    2. Let us know of rule violations by other Soundeo members.
    3. Let us know if you come across any errors while using Soundeo.
    4. Make suggestions for Soundeo development.
    5. Tell your friends, colleagues, and others who might be interested about Soundeo.

  4. How do I let you know about Soundeo errors and how do I contact the support team? [#]

    You can direct all questions, suggestions, and comments regarding the use of Soundeo by using feedback form or by emailing to the support team email address.

  5. What language should I use when communicating with the support team? [#]

    Currently the support team is fluent in two languages: English and Russian.

  6. How long will it be before I hear back from the support team? [#]

    The support team works 24×7, however occasionally there might be a response delay up to 12 hours.

  7. Can I upload my own music to Soundeo? [#]

    Currently this feature is not available.

  8. Is there a bonus system at Soundeo if I bring in new members? [#]

    A bonus system for bringing in new members will certainly be implemented shortly.

  9. What do I do if I did not find my question on this page? [#]

    If the information on this page did not help you, ask the support team and you will receive a detailed reply to your question shortly.

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