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  1. What is Soundeo? [#]

    Soundeo — is a social media resource that helps you gain full access to current electronic music at a special price. Soundeo provides its customers with quality music by the leading dance labels from all over the world.

  2. Who is Soundeo target audience? [#]

    Soundeo was created first and foremost for DJs, collectors and true connoisseurs of electronic music around the world.

  3. How many tracks does Soundeo have? [#]

    Soundeo database has over 7,000,000 tracks, 400,000 of which can be downloaded right now in WAV and MP3 formats.

  4. How often is Soundeo updated? [#]

    Soundeo is updated daily.

  5. Can I download tracks? [#]

    All Soundeo premium members can download tracks and, due to flexible pricing schedule, you are sure to find the right price plan for you.

  6. How fast can I download tracks? [#]

    All Soundeo premium members can download tracks at unlimited speed, regardless of the price plan they choose.

  7. What are the features of the premium account? [#]

    Premium account gives you unlimited access to all features of Soundeo. Premium account allows you to:

    1. Download any available track at unlimited speed in WAV and MP3 formats.
    2. Vote for any tracks you like.
    3. Make a list of favorite tracks to vote for or download later.
    4. See the «Upcoming Tracks» list — a list of tracks that will become available for download shortly.
    5. See history of tracks that you voted for or downloaded.
    6. Monitor new tracks and releases of favorite artists and labels.
    7. Have 24-hour support.

  8. How do I become a premium member? [#]

    You can become a premium member in just a couple of clicks. Go to the Purchase Premium Account page, enter your email address, click on the «Register» button, select the price plan that suits you and follow the payment system instructions. Once your payment is completed, your account will be automatically activated. It is fast, easy, and safe.

  9. How soon will my premium account be activated once I pay? [#]

    All premium accounts are automatically activated immediately after payment is completed.

  10. Where can I find my login and password? [#]

    After you click the «Register» button on the Purchase Premium Account page, Soundeo will send an email with your account information to the email address you provided. In that email you will find your login, which is your email address, and your password automatically generated for you by Soundeo.

  11. What if I did not receive the letter with my account information? [#]

    1. Check the «SPAM» folder in your email. Occasionally the letter might end up in that folder.
    2. Contact the support team, using the form on contact page or email directly to support@soundeo.com. Make sure to include the email address you registered in your message.

  12. Which tracks can I download? [#]

    Premium members can download any of the tracks that are marked for downloading and that have the MP3 and WAV buttons. The entire track archive for any date is always available to you.

  13. How many tracks a day can I download? [#]

    The number of tracks available for download depends of the price plan that you choose.

    1. Premium 20 — 20 tracks daily.
    2. Premium 50 — 50 tracks daily.
    3. Premium 100 — 100 tracks daily.
    4. Premium 150 — 150 tracks daily.
    5. Premium 200 — 200 tracks daily.
    6. Premium 250 — 250 tracks daily.
    7. Premium 300 — 300 tracks daily.

  14. What are the votes for? [#]

    Votes are one of the main features of Soundeo. Using the votes and the voting system you can choose which tracks will shortly become available for download.

  15. How many votes can I use each day? [#]

    The number of available votes depends on the price plan you chose.

    1. Premium 20 — 4 votes daily.
    2. Premium 50 — 10 votes daily.
    3. Premium 100 — 20 votes daily.
    4. Premium 150 — 30 votes daily.
    5. Premium 200 — 40 votes daily.
    6. Premium 250 — 50 votes daily.
    7. Premium 300 — 60 votes daily.

  16. Does the number of downloads or votes roll over if I do not use them? [#]

    No, the votes or downloads not used on a given day cannot be used in subsequent days. Each day, exactly at 00:00 GMT+1 (Central European Time) the number of votes and downloads is reset on your account according to your price plan.

  17. Which tracks will become available after voting? [#]

    The Top 150+ of the newest tracks that have gotten the most votes become available for download in the order of their release dates.

  18. When will the tracks I voted for become available? [#]

    Within 24 hours after hitting the Top 150 list.

  19. Why is the track I voted for not available after 24 hours? [#]

    1. The track did not make it to the Top 150 list.
    2. The track is not available for reasons beyond Soundeo’s control and will be published as soon as possible.
    3. In rare instances unforeseen short-term update delays are possible; when this is the case, you will be notified in advanced in the news and by email.

  20. What is the difference between the uncompressed WAV format and the MP3 format? [#]

    There are several differences between the WAV and the MP3 formats.

    1. WAV is the uncompressed audio format of CD quality. This is the highest available audio quality. It is recommended for DJs, audiophiles, and listeners with high-performance audio equipment. Because of the high quality, these files are large. For example, a 5 minute audio in WAV format takes approximately 50 MB which is 5 times more than an MP3 of the same length.
    2. MP3 is a compressed format. It is recommended for collectors and regular listeners. This format has very good sound quality and a fairly small file size.

    Not many can hear the difference between a WAV and an MP3 format, but the MP3 format takes 5 times less space on your hard drive than the WAV format.

  21. Does Soundeo publish the real uncompressed WAV format? [#]

    All tracks in WAV format are the exact copies of files received from the official labels which released them. Since Soundeo performs no operations on the files, you receive the original, quality product. All WAV files have 44,100 Hz frequency and have either a 16 or 24 bit-rate.

  22. Does Soundeo publish the real 320 kbps MP3 format? [#]

    All tracks in MP3 format are created by converting the original WAV tracks. Soundeo uses the latest version of the best MP3 codec, LAME 3.100. The tracks are converted in stereo, with 44,100 Hz frequency and a 320 kbps bit-rate, which is the highest possible quality of MP3 format.

  23. Can I buy tracks separately, without buying the Soundeo premium account? [#]

    No, you can only download tracks by purchasing the Soundeo premium account.

  24. Where can I use the downloaded tracks? [#]

    The downloaded tracks can be used for personal listening, for mixes and sets, for playing in clubs and at parties.

  25. Can I post the tracks downloaded from Soundeo on other websites or resources? [#]

    It is strictly prohibited to distribute the tracks and releases downloaded from Soundeo on other websites, peering networks, local networks, servers, or removable media.

  26. Which of my information does Soundeo keep? [#]

    For your safety none of your personal data except your email address is stored anywhere. Soundeo cares for your safety.

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